Motorcycle Exhausts and performance

One thing almost everyone who has a big bike has done almost immediately would be to change their exhausts to something louder.

Be it Yoshimura’s or Akrapovic on the Jap bikes or Vance and Hines and Cobra or Bassani exhausts on Harley’s.

We get more or less the same questions with regards to exhausts:

  • I want more sound from my bike
  • I like the look of the full system but is it really necessary to put in a tuner or fuel controller?
  • I like the look and sound of a full system but I don’t want to spend too much

First of all: All exhausts will cost quite a bit since they are all performance exhausts be it slip on mufflers or full systems especially from reputed companies have been made and designed keeping many variables in mind and a lot of man hours have gone into the R&D of these exhausts so that they work the best for your motorcycle.

If a person wants to enhance the sound level and sound quality of their motorcycle then the easiest way to do that would be is to just put on a slip on muffler and it will be done.

If a person is interested in installing a full system exhaust then to keep the system in balance and not have any engine issues in the long run they would need to install a good quality air intake system and also they will need to install a fuel management system or tuner to regulate the air fuel ratios in order to give the bike the best performance possible.


If a person installs a full system without the air filter or tuning it would mean that there is not enough air and fuel going into the system but there is more exhaust gases going out of the system which in the long run will end up doing more harm than good to the engine.



If a person installs a slip on muffler but also wants to install the air filter then they will definitely have to tune the motorcycles as well since there will be more air going into the system but not enough fuel which again would adversely affect the engine in the long run.

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