“When I got my bike from GATI Transport guys, it was completely damaged and I was cursing my self that why did I do this. The estimation from showroom was 2.5lacs, they wanted to change everything (seems so).

I took my bike to Koushik, Domon's Customs and he post analyzing the bike got it done for only 30k, Yes you guys heard it right my final bill was 30k and my bike was ready in 15days which in showroom was going to take 2 months.

The level of commitment and truthfulness which he and his team has shown can't be expressed in words. I have irritated him like hell but he never lost his coolness. He never suggested something to me which was irrelevant, not a single time. Never had the attitude of only money making.
Koushik, my promise to you - you will never see my bike anywhere else apart from your showroom in case it needs any service or work.

Thanks for all the help”.

2011 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special