Motorcycle General Maintenance

Motorcycle General Maintenance

Need to go on a ride but need to get the bike checked to avoid any nasty surprises while on the ride?

Or are you on a cross country ride between states and need your bike checked so that you’re good to go till you reach your destination?

Or maybe you have just finished a long grueling ride and have pushed your bike to its limits and want to make sure you haven’t done too much damage?

We offer a basic check of the bikes essential working systems that will be needed to get bikers through any ride be it a quick breakfast ride or an overnight ride or even a long distance multistate ride and even a basic post ride check up once you are done on the ride.

The basic systems check entails checking the following systems:

1. Tires for correct pressure, excessive wear or any signs of tire damage.
2. Drive belt tension and condition.
3. Brakes, steering and throttle for responsiveness.
4. Brake fluid level and condition. Hydraulic lines and fittings for leaks. Also, check brake pads and discs for wear.
5. Cables for fraying, crimping and free operation.
6. Engine oil and transmission fluid levels.
7. Headlamp, auxiliary lamp, tail lamp, brake lamp, horn and turn signal operation.

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