Domon’s Customs Mission

We are Motorcycle enthusiasts, Gear heads, Wrench jockeys and Bikers who Customize Motorcycle, procure and install aftermarket parts and accessories, offer aftermarket service and maintenance, Custom paint jobs, 3M painted surface products and solutions.
We stand for Bikers freedom of expression, enabling motorcycle enthusiasts to be able to set up their bikes their way based on their riding styles and to bring out their individual personalities on their bikes as an extension of themselves.
We do it for the basic fact that each biker is unique and they need a bike that is unique to them.
We Cater to motorcycle enthusiasts who own bikes above 200CC and we provide a multi brand platform and give a holistic product and service approach all under one roof where multiple products and services are available rather than them needing to go to multiple locations for multiple service catered to thus in turn saving them time as well as money.
Our unique facility setup enables the customer to see the work is being carried out on the motorcycle so that there is no ambiguity between the workshop and the customer.